King Of The Ocean

Chaim Rumpler

“Providing the best quality product for our customers is key to us.”

Samson Merlin

“We pride ourselves on giving our customers good value for money”


All our fish products are under the supervision of Kedassia

We understand what goes in to producing a top quality can of fish

We want to ensure that the seafood industry agrees to buy and label fish responsibly and doesn’t make any misleading claims. To ensure things operate swimmingly, there are two main codes of conduct that we adhere to:

From sea, ocean or excellent farms, we have full traceability of the fish you eat from source to plate and strive to bring you the very best. We also have stringent checks in place to ensure our high standards are being met throughout every step of the supply chain.

We recognise the impact fish farming can have on the environment, economy and community and strive to produce quality seafood, whilst satisfying economic growth and environmental protection. We love this planet and the people on it, just as much as you do!